Friday, 11 July 2014

Jam & Cream

the weather here in Australia is not really that friendly
The windy, cloudy and little rain are almost like coming everyday
And the worse part is i got flu in this annoying season :'(

So today, 11th of July
I went to a little shop called Jam & Cream
I know its located quite far from city
But i think its worth it to be tried

it makes me feel like want to ride a bike <3 p="">

And then i went to the inside of the shop!
It took some times for the waiter to get me a seat
So maybe i recommend to book in advance if you are coming on busy times or weekend
So meanwhile, i took some photos inside the shop

they also got some cute stuffs to sell too!

The teddys also having their own tea time

Freshly baked :P

How cute is that!

Table's number

 What i ordered :

Hot Chocolate & lil cute marshmallow :)

When hot chocolate isn't enough, i ordered chocolate milkshake

Mini quiche

Nanna's platter :3 (10 flavors of mini scones with jam, cream and butter)

Look how adorable the cash register OMO!
 It costed me $30 for the nanna's platter and two drinks

The other exciting thing is they have some kind of backyard beside of their shop,
i think you can sit here too but not on this kind of weather. LOL!

you can book to eat inside this caravan too!

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Hope you like the post guys!
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Ciao, windaverfida ❤️❤️