Saturday, 6 July 2013

Birthday Brunch at Portico

Say hello to a sunny day!
Its kinda reminds me of my birthday brunch which held on february 9th of this year.
Yap, i was officially twenty years old then.

So i want to share about a place that i chose that time.
Back then, i had been planning to celebrate my birthday with my friends.
As we known, 9th of feb 2013 was exactly a day before cny, so some of my friends told me that brunch would be better rather than dinner.
So i spent few days to find a good place through the internet, until i found this restaurant called 'Portico'.
It is located in Senayan City.
After that i made reservation by call.
Here is the Portico's contact number : +62 21 72781787

And when its finally the day, i went there at the afternoon.
The place was very nice and comfortable, the price was also affordable which was around 40-200k for the main course. (P.s : im not really sure about the exact range price but i thought it was around those prices)
The service was also good, and the most important that the food was good!
I rated it 8 out of ten.

And about the photos, there were some of the interior of the restaurant and the food that i ordered. As u can see, that the interior was like surrounded by glass, which that is what i love about brunch time when u could feel the sun goes through the restaurant, but that doesn't mean "hot temperature". Lastly, about the dish name, as i had eaten it in few months ago, what i remembered just word 'angel hair'. If you interested to try it, just ask the waitress or look to the menu and find the word 'angel hair'

Finally, hope you like my posts, and please kindly comment below. Ciao! ❤

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