Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Colorful yet Simple

This is my first post about fashion.
Fyi, im not like a fashion expert, but i just like to express my own style through my clothes.
So let's just movin
Today was a sunny day in singapore
Then i decided to wear something colorful but still simple and of course in my own style! :)

What i wore : Pink Bershka Top | Floral Skirt (i bought it in Bugis Street Singapore) | Balenciaga Arena Giant Gold Double Tour Bracelet | Mini Candy Furla | Girl On The Go black wedges

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Ciao, windaverfida ❤

Monday, 22 July 2013

Bad day, Good Dessert!

Its a fine day in Singapore.
But it was a bad day for me :(
So, i decided to find a place with some desserts which i hope it could cheer me up a little.
Then i found this place called The Coffee Connoisseur, it is located in Bugis Junction, Singapore.
The place was really nice and pleasant, unfortunately i only could spend time there for a while.

Here is the dessert that i ordered
It is called 'perfect pairing'
The taste was like frozen cream cheese topped with fresh raspberries and crunchy coconut biscuit.
The sauce was lil bit sour yet fresh.

For the drink i chose simple lime juice.
The taste was just like an ordinary lime juice which was sour, sweet and refreshing.

Here the information about the cafe :
Name : The Coffee Connoisseur
Address : Bugis Junction, unit #01-92/96

Hope you like the post! ❤

Ciao, windaverfida

Monday, 15 July 2013

Collete & Lola

It written "Cakes & Dreams"
And im sure it really was...
When i was first entered the shop, it was really like a cake shop that every girl has been dreaming of.
Anyway, it was a fine sunday, few months ago.
I got reviewed by my cousin, then i took my friends to go there

It was not so hard to find the place.
It is located at jl. Senopati Raya no.64

Here are some photos that i took there

They are selling some cute treats too!!!

One thing that im totally sure is every girl should loves this pleasant place.
They provide a cozy place with cakes, drinks, macarons and cupcakes.
And if u want to buy a whole cake, they also provided it.
The price range was standard, started from idr 10k for foods and beverages

Here is the photo of the seat, really cozy isnt it?

And the photo of the cakes that we ordered
From up to down, left to right :
Bikini, Call Me Panda, My Lady Grey, Salted Caramel and Spicy Beef Macarons, Bittersweet Love, Nutella Profiterole Cupcake, Miss Gingerbread.

And from my review, i think the macarons  are the best one, especially the salted caramel, it was crunchy outside and soft inside, the sweetness also perfect.
And for the cake, the most delicious one was the hazel nutcracker, as i tried so far

Hazel Nutcracker

It was soft outside, filled with yummy nutella, and there's like crunchy biscuit on the base of the cake. It was perfect.
But based on my experience, i will give u a tip which is dont buy a sweet and creamy drink when you order sweet cakes, because you will got it too sweet (double sweetness!!)

Interested to try?
Here are where you can find more information about this cake shop :
Name : Collete & Lola
Address : jl. Senopati Raya no.64
Website :

They also provide delivery service, just call here : (021) 29007997

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Ciao ❤, windaverfida

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Poke Sushi at Crowne Plaza Hotel

Today was a long long day to me.
Started with a heavy traffic in Jakarta (as usual), it got worst by unstopped rain.
Then i have to spend around 90 minutes to wait for a taxi, which actually there were some taxi, but they refused to take me to south jakarta because of the f*ckin traffic.
I was going to give up when suddenly a silver bird taxi came to ex. I have no choice, so i got in there. With only 75k and some credit cards that i bought in my small bag, i was quite sure i will be able to pay it.
Thanks God, the meter showed 72k when i reached the crowne plaza hotel.

As soon as i got there, i went to poke sushi directly. My tummy just couldn't wait any longer. I was so happy that all of my works got paid by these super craving food!!!

This one is volcano roll, it was really delicious til i forget what is inside.

Another menu that i tried is salmon salad (if it isnt wrong, then its true :p)

Here is the picture

Both of them just made my day! 

Anyway, i chose the all u can eat menu, since my friend has anz credit card, which offered buy 1 get 1 for all u can eat menu every tuesday. So it was all worth it! I only paid 290k include cold ocha which is 280k for TWO PERSONS.
So it means one person need to pay 145k (already include ocha)
And i could eat everything i want, as long as it mentioned on the all u can eat menu (because there are some menus that will charge you some additional price)  and as much as i want!!! 

This buffet place is really recommended for all of you who love sushi and eat much!
If you are interested, just try Poke Sushi at Crowne Plaza Hotel
Here are the information about the place:

Address : Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto Kav. 2-3 Karet Semanggi Setiabudi Jakarta Selatan DKI Jakarta (besides plaza semanggi)

Thankyou for reading my blog guys! Hope it helps!
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Monday, 8 July 2013

Diy Nail Art

Hi everyone!
I just went back to jakarta today, after spent 3 weeks in my hometown.

So then, what i want to share today is diy nail art.
Fyi, diy itself means 'do it yourself', so it is a nail art that was done by yourself.
I wont going to waste your time
So here is picture of my first diy nail art.

Back then, i was interested with nail art once i saw the nail of a sales girl in one nail polish shop.
It was so cute, she applied beads and ribbon on her nail.
After that, i ask her if i could do that by myself, and she let me know the list of things that i needed.
If you are interested, the shop is located at sunway pyramid mall (malaysia), in front of bbq plaza.
But please dont be panic, you can find these things in every nail art shop easily.

So here are the things that you needed if you want do it by yourself too (Without manicure treatment, im not that expert yet! Lol) :
Base & top coat, Nail Polish (choose your own color), Tip Guides, Nail Art Glue, Any beads, Beads Picker (it looks like a white pencil), Nail Stickers (optional)
Any color works! Pick yours :)

The tip guides

The tool and accessories

Lets get started!
First of all, always reminds that you have to use base coat whenever you are using nail polish, because base coat supposed to help the polish stay on longer by bonding and prevents nail polish from turning nails yellow. So dont forget this important step!
Right after it got dried, put some nail tip guides in order to divide which area that you want to color or not.
Then color it with your own nail polish.
Wait until it got dried again perfectly, because after this you need to get off the tip guides. If it still in wet condition, when you getting it off, im totally sure that the nail polish will spreading to another area of nails.

Next step is coating the nails with top coat.
Once it got dried, put some glue in the area you want to put on some beads. And just put the beads on it.
Believe it or not, you are done!!! Yeayyy
Its so easy, isnt it?

If you already bored with the design, you just need to play with your creativity, such as changing the colors, and put few or many beads as you wanted to.

Here is another picture of my diy nail art

Hope you enjoy my blog guys ❤
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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Birthday Brunch at Portico

Say hello to a sunny day!
Its kinda reminds me of my birthday brunch which held on february 9th of this year.
Yap, i was officially twenty years old then.

So i want to share about a place that i chose that time.
Back then, i had been planning to celebrate my birthday with my friends.
As we known, 9th of feb 2013 was exactly a day before cny, so some of my friends told me that brunch would be better rather than dinner.
So i spent few days to find a good place through the internet, until i found this restaurant called 'Portico'.
It is located in Senayan City.
After that i made reservation by call.
Here is the Portico's contact number : +62 21 72781787

And when its finally the day, i went there at the afternoon.
The place was very nice and comfortable, the price was also affordable which was around 40-200k for the main course. (P.s : im not really sure about the exact range price but i thought it was around those prices)
The service was also good, and the most important that the food was good!
I rated it 8 out of ten.

And about the photos, there were some of the interior of the restaurant and the food that i ordered. As u can see, that the interior was like surrounded by glass, which that is what i love about brunch time when u could feel the sun goes through the restaurant, but that doesn't mean "hot temperature". Lastly, about the dish name, as i had eaten it in few months ago, what i remembered just word 'angel hair'. If you interested to try it, just ask the waitress or look to the menu and find the word 'angel hair'

Finally, hope you like my posts, and please kindly comment below. Ciao! ❤

Friday, 5 July 2013

Pink & Blue

A fine day at home, i was accompanied with these sweet treats. Heaven!

Lil monsters on my nails

Here i posted one of my nail art picture
I got these cute arts at a nail salon called 'Symphony'
It is located at Muara Karang, Jakarta
The price was really affordable, and at the same time u wont get disappointed with the result too.
I did pay only around 100k for both fingers and toes, which was already included treatments for the nails.
Back then, as i have experienced i will give some tips for you who want to come to this place.
Make sure you got there early, because even in the weekdays this place also will be crowded. 
Another thing is, it would be better if you are not expecting the fast service, because to finish both fingers and toes requires approximately 3 hours.

My very first post!

Hello everyone!
This is my first time to blog.
Actually i don't have any idea how to use it...
So maybe i just started with lil bio of mine.
As my name already shown above,
i'd love to describe myself as a dreamer, complicated, easygoing and whatsoever :p
I love to watching, traveling, eating many foods, try new things & shopping.
Hope you enjoy reading this little messy blog! :)