Friday, 11 July 2014

Jam & Cream

the weather here in Australia is not really that friendly
The windy, cloudy and little rain are almost like coming everyday
And the worse part is i got flu in this annoying season :'(

So today, 11th of July
I went to a little shop called Jam & Cream
I know its located quite far from city
But i think its worth it to be tried

it makes me feel like want to ride a bike <3 p="">

And then i went to the inside of the shop!
It took some times for the waiter to get me a seat
So maybe i recommend to book in advance if you are coming on busy times or weekend
So meanwhile, i took some photos inside the shop

they also got some cute stuffs to sell too!

The teddys also having their own tea time

Freshly baked :P

How cute is that!

Table's number

 What i ordered :

Hot Chocolate & lil cute marshmallow :)

When hot chocolate isn't enough, i ordered chocolate milkshake

Mini quiche

Nanna's platter :3 (10 flavors of mini scones with jam, cream and butter)

Look how adorable the cash register OMO!
 It costed me $30 for the nanna's platter and two drinks

The other exciting thing is they have some kind of backyard beside of their shop,
i think you can sit here too but not on this kind of weather. LOL!

you can book to eat inside this caravan too!

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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Freeze in the Pink

Its been 4 days since i left indonesia, my hometown :(
I left it in order to finish my study in Le Cordon Bleu Australia, which is one of the best culinary school in the world. *wink eyes*

So anyway, october is a starter month of the spring season.
Bcause of that, the weather was still freaking me out!
Just like today, weather forecaster told that there will be a slight rain and the temperature is 19', and it was true.
It makes me too lazy to go out, but too boring to be at home too.

What i wore : pink bershka top | ivory cardigan by tangerine room | forever 21 black skirt burberry bag | black stocking | rubi flats

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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Classic Tea Time

Its been a long time since i asked my bf to accompany me to have a tea time.
But as you know, mostly boys dont like sweet food such as desserts.
So it was a hard effort to ask him to do this favor for me :p

And finally yesterday was the day.
Me and my bf went to Union in Plaza Senayan to have a tea time!
Tea Time in Union is served only from 3-6 pm, where they provide 2 types of tea time for us to choose.
The first one is the classic tea time, which  is served in three tiered stand. It involves salty finger snacks on bottom, sweet desserts on the middle and four kinds of dipping sauce on the top.
The other one is several types of cakes but in small sizes served in one plate.
And everytime you order a tea time menu, you also get 2 cup of tea.

Then i decided to choose the classic one which is 180k for 2 people.

I was enjoying the food and place so much!
Especially i got the seat next to the outdoor space, and the roof of the restaurant was made by glass, so it feels so good when you can feel the sun goes through the place as you enjoy hot tea and snacks at the same time.

I highly recommend this place!
But one tip is you have to come earlier, because it was so crowded here even on weekdays.

Here is the information about the place :
Name : Union
Address : Plaza Senayan Courtyard, Ground Floor, jl. Asia Afrika no. 8
Contact : 021 57905861 / 62
Website :

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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Favori, the Sweet Studio

Hello september!
Its going to be a nice month, bcs my bf is  in the town! After 4 months separated by the distance, finally we've met again! ��

So today post is about another dessert shop in PIK.
It is called Favori, located near famous ramen restaurant which is Ikkhousa.

Im not going to talk much more, bcs i think the pictures will talk by itself.

What i ordered : choc pot de creme, rose bun (im not really sure the name of it) and a glass of fresh pink lemonade.

Rose Bun (im not sure with the name of it)
Really similar with a big macaron, but the different is it was not as crunch as macaron. Im not sure what the filling is, but i would say it was filled with cream cheese, bcs it just tasted like cheese.
The price was around 38k

Choc pot de creme
The waitress said that it is like a hot chocolate pudding, bcs it was baked in the oven.
So after i ordered, she put it in the microwave to reheat it, and it was served with a scoop vanilla ice cream on top of it.
Super delicious & worth to try!!! The price was around 40k.

Super comfy place!

Outside interior, full of purple color.

Really love the interior! Looks cozy, isnt it?

What a lovely cakes!!!

The colors just right, dont you agree? 

For overall, i would rate it 7 out of 10.
The place and the desserts were really nice, services also good, but the price a lil bit expensive.

Anyway, here is the information if you are interested to visit this shop :
Name : Favori
Address : Rukan Garden House blok B no. 1B - Pantai Indah Kapuk (near the Ikkhousa)

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