Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Japan Trip day 06 (Universal Studio Japan, Shinsaibashi)

So i'm back again
and finally we reached the day 06 which is my last day in Japan (Osaka)

My first stop was Universal Studio Japan

so it was 15 years anniversary of USJ when i went there
to celebrate it, i heard that they built the new ride called 'The Flying Dinosaur'
it was a super awesome ride, but unfortunately i didn't manage to take any photo of it
If you are curios about it, just try find it on google or youtube
It is one of the recommended rides if you go to USJ

they got this cool game going on, if you are able to press the coke button on the giant vending machine, you will get 2 coke instead of 1 :D you gotta jump jump jump

bought this cute custom coke for 500 yen

banana choco waffle :P

so as you may know that the special thing about USJ is that they got a theme park inside theme park
which is The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
In order to enter the Wizarding World of Harry Potter itself, you have to get another admission, and there will be time schedule for you to be able to go inside
But since i went with the tour, so they have managed it in advance
Like for example, i got the 11.30 a.m - 12.30 p.m schedule
It doesn't mean that you are only allowed to be inside for one hour, but it just mean that you are allowed to enter within this time, if you come too early or too late, you won't be allowed to enter this area

Hogwarts Express

That famous Butterbeer :P

Next stop after USJ, Shinsaibashi
it is a long street filled with shops alongside the way
And guess what i found here!!!

YASSS Pablo cheesecake :P
and also


the alley 
bought milk pie and SUPER SMALL drink

this is SO GOOD :(

a must photo spot

the famous snack you can only buy in Osaka

so to conclude,
it was a super fun trip i had in Japan, so memorable as well
new place, new culture, new language
That's why they said, you should go to new place (city/country you never been before) at least once a year
i just can't wait for any coming trip ahead
Sayonara JAPAN!

gonna miss this cute boy called Ray

Friday, 29 April 2016

Japan Trip day 05 (Kyoto, Fushimi Inari, Kiyomizu Temple, Osaka)

Hello again!!!
We are on day 05 today
it was on April 4th

So anyway, i haven't told you guys on the previous post about the hotel that i checked in Hamamatsu
According to my tour guide, this hotel is the best one among the hotel list on my japan tour
The hotel name is Okura Act City
yeah the lobby was really big, but in my opinion, the breakfast was not that good

view from the room
Anyway based on my experience in this trip
The unique thing i got from staying at Japan hotels is that they really provide super complete toiletries
Im not really sure if u stay in budget hotel
But, since i went with a tour (Golden Rama), i was staying in mostly 4-5 stars hotel
Even in few hotels, they provide soap, shampoo, conditioner from Shiseido
As some of you may know that Shiseido is originally from Japan
The scent was really good, not too strong
Such a good way to promote the brand as well since actually i haven't used any Shiseido product before, but i love it now!

Yes, so from Hamamatsu we continue the trip to Kyoto

Our first stop on this day was Fushimi Inari

Its one of the famous places to go as well when you go to Kyoto, Japan
There's a lot f couple took a prewed photo as well in here 

On my way back to bus again, there was a lot of food stand alongside the road

Looks so GOOD

green tea tofu soft serve :P

After finished walking around, we then continue our trip again
but because its already lunch time, we should stop by to have some lunch

here are some photos on our way to the restaurant


found these cuties wearing yukata

you will see a lot of flower pot next to pedestrian way
Our second stop was Kiyomizu Temple
it is not too far from the restaurant though
However, since the earlier of the trip, me and Yuliana have been excited to wear Kimono
we decided to go to Kimono rental around Kiyomizu Temple
since i've been googling it before about the price, t&c
So as soon as our bus parked nearby Kiyomizu temple
we rushed to the Kimono rental place

still have time to take photo bcs it just too beautiful!!!

I don't remember the rental name though
but when you are in Kiyomizu Temple area,
I'm sure there will be a LOT
you can go to any rental place anyway

Here i list some info about the rental place that i went to:
There are 2 prices, the simple one and more expensive one
When you rental the kimono here, you will be rented a kimono including obi, bag, and sandal 
You can choose any colour you want but within the collection
But its not include the hairstyle and makeup
In this place they only provide hairstyle though, it will cost 1500 yen

So, for the simple collection you have to pay around 4900 yen (include hairstyle), and for the other collection is around 5900 yen (include hairstyle)

At first time i didn't realise that there are 2 collections
so it turned out i choose the expensive one :(
but since i've worn it, and it really took like 30 mins to just wearing the kimono, i ended up paying the expensive one
Yes it will took you a long time to wear the kimono, but DONT BE PANIC, there will be lot of assistants will helping you wear it

and for the photo?
Don't worry, just walk by and you will find a lot of spot or places to take photo at
But, make sure you got someone to take your photo :D

ahhhh i miss japan a lot while writing this blog
the air, the food, the place
everything was really amazing!

Time to go back to our Hotel
But before we got some dinner first

bookstore next to the restaurant

most favourite drink while in Japan

anyway i was stayed at Amagasaki New Archaic Hotel
was good and convenient 

sooo, see you on my last blog about Trip in Japan later