Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Favori, the Sweet Studio

Hello september!
Its going to be a nice month, bcs my bf is  in the town! After 4 months separated by the distance, finally we've met again! 😘

So today post is about another dessert shop in PIK.
It is called Favori, located near famous ramen restaurant which is Ikkhousa.

Im not going to talk much more, bcs i think the pictures will talk by itself.

What i ordered : choc pot de creme, rose bun (im not really sure the name of it) and a glass of fresh pink lemonade.

Rose Bun (im not sure with the name of it)
Really similar with a big macaron, but the different is it was not as crunch as macaron. Im not sure what the filling is, but i would say it was filled with cream cheese, bcs it just tasted like cheese.
The price was around 38k

Choc pot de creme
The waitress said that it is like a hot chocolate pudding, bcs it was baked in the oven.
So after i ordered, she put it in the microwave to reheat it, and it was served with a scoop vanilla ice cream on top of it.
Super delicious & worth to try!!! The price was around 40k.

Super comfy place!

Outside interior, full of purple color.

Really love the interior! Looks cozy, isnt it?

What a lovely cakes!!!

The colors just right, dont you agree? 

For overall, i would rate it 7 out of 10.
The place and the desserts were really nice, services also good, but the price a lil bit expensive.

Anyway, here is the information if you are interested to visit this shop :
Name : Favori
Address : Rukan Garden House blok B no. 1B - Pantai Indah Kapuk (near the Ikkhousa)

Hope you like the post guys!
Kindly leave a comment below :)

Ciao, windaverfida ❤

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