Thursday, 3 October 2013

Freeze in the Pink

Its been 4 days since i left indonesia, my hometown :(
I left it in order to finish my study in Le Cordon Bleu Australia, which is one of the best culinary school in the world. *wink eyes*

So anyway, october is a starter month of the spring season.
Bcause of that, the weather was still freaking me out!
Just like today, weather forecaster told that there will be a slight rain and the temperature is 19', and it was true.
It makes me too lazy to go out, but too boring to be at home too.

What i wore : pink bershka top | ivory cardigan by tangerine room | forever 21 black skirt burberry bag | black stocking | rubi flats

Hope you like the post guys!
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Ciao, windaverfida ❤️❤️

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