Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Japan Trip day 06 (Universal Studio Japan, Shinsaibashi)

So i'm back again
and finally we reached the day 06 which is my last day in Japan (Osaka)

My first stop was Universal Studio Japan

so it was 15 years anniversary of USJ when i went there
to celebrate it, i heard that they built the new ride called 'The Flying Dinosaur'
it was a super awesome ride, but unfortunately i didn't manage to take any photo of it
If you are curios about it, just try find it on google or youtube
It is one of the recommended rides if you go to USJ

they got this cool game going on, if you are able to press the coke button on the giant vending machine, you will get 2 coke instead of 1 :D you gotta jump jump jump

bought this cute custom coke for 500 yen

banana choco waffle :P

so as you may know that the special thing about USJ is that they got a theme park inside theme park
which is The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
In order to enter the Wizarding World of Harry Potter itself, you have to get another admission, and there will be time schedule for you to be able to go inside
But since i went with the tour, so they have managed it in advance
Like for example, i got the 11.30 a.m - 12.30 p.m schedule
It doesn't mean that you are only allowed to be inside for one hour, but it just mean that you are allowed to enter within this time, if you come too early or too late, you won't be allowed to enter this area

Hogwarts Express

That famous Butterbeer :P

Next stop after USJ, Shinsaibashi
it is a long street filled with shops alongside the way
And guess what i found here!!!

YASSS Pablo cheesecake :P
and also


the alley 
bought milk pie and SUPER SMALL drink

this is SO GOOD :(

a must photo spot

the famous snack you can only buy in Osaka

so to conclude,
it was a super fun trip i had in Japan, so memorable as well
new place, new culture, new language
That's why they said, you should go to new place (city/country you never been before) at least once a year
i just can't wait for any coming trip ahead
Sayonara JAPAN!

gonna miss this cute boy called Ray

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