Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Japan Trip day 01 (Narita, Aeon Mall)

its the way japanese said hello in their language.
it could also mean as good afternoon anyway, but if you only memorise one version of hello, this should be it.

So it has been a loooooooooong time since the last time i posted.
as maybe some of you guys knew, i've been busy with the new uni since I'm currently taking master degree in Binus Business School.
A lot of new things, new friends, new situation as well.
Until it came to March of 2016

It started when my childhood friend told me that she was planning to go to Japan with her mother.
After i heard that, i told my mom straight away and surprisingly she also interested to go there.
So here we are finally joining the Golden Rama tour.

The day we have been waiting is finally coming, 31st of March 2016
It was the first day of tour, and of course i was super excited since it was my first trip to japan, first time to be able to see Sakura, and also first trip overseas together with my childhood friend Yuliana!!!

Lucky no. 19

Yes thats our flight NH 836
Our flight with All Nippon Airways was on 6.15am
It took us around 7-8 hours to arrive in Japan
Ready to go!!!
All time favourite meal (aka inflight meal)  
View up here <3 br="">

We are finally arrived in Narita Airport in Tokyo, if I'm not mistaken the local time should be 3.50 pm (add 2 hours from Jakarta Time)

My first photo taken at Narita

I was so excited til unexpected thing happened :(
Someone accidentally took my mom's baggage and he/she leave his/her baggage at the airport.
After it took me some time to write a report of lost baggage, our group continue our trip to hotel
Today we are going to stay at Narita Garden Hotel in Chiba area (around 70km to the city)

The hotel was nice, they provide free wifi but only in lounge area
The restaurant was also good especially the salad bar! Unfortunately i didn't take any photos of the dinner.

At first, me and my friend already planned to go to Shibuya by ourself since today's schedule only flight and dinner then rest in the hotel.
But because of the 'lost baggage' delay, we decided to postpone it since they said the shops close early in Tokyo (8-9 pm)

After dinner, the local guide told us that there is AEON mall nearby our hotel, so then some of the member of the group decided to go there with the free shuttle bus.

Croissant Taiyaki filled with vanilla custard :p
Feels like wanna grab all of these :(
Vending machine everywhere!!!

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