Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Japan Trip day 04 (Mt. Fuji, Gotemba Premium Outlet, Hamamatsu)

me while waiting for Shinkansen
its already day 04!!!
feels like i don't wanna go home
time flies so fast when you are in holiday
i wish i could wake up to this beautiful view everyday

view from my room

and anyway i was trying the onsen the night before
The onsen itself means hot springs
it was really nice since the weather is a bit cold 
There are some rules before you entering the onsen though
i got the information itself from the local guide
it said that you must wash your body throughly before entering the onsen, you can't wear any clothes or underwear to onsen, and you must have no tattoo on your body parts
but sorry, no camera allowed within the onsen LOL

Anyway on this day, due to schedule we were going to see mt Fuji after the breakfast
but it said we need to relay on the weather condition
There are 5 level on the road to be able to see the mt fuji well
Alongside the road to level 5, there was still a lot of pile of snows from the previous winter season
However due to rain and bad weather, our group only managed to reach level 4

Since we have reached level 4 anyway,
we stopped by in small convenience store to look around
There were some cute and unique things sold in here, such as "Mt. Fuji Air"
yes, AIR! it sold in a can with air inside, at first i didn't really sure either it is true or not, then i asked my local guide and she said yes, they sell AIR hahaha
and they also selling Mt fuji kitkat here
Unfortunately i forgot to take the picture

The weather was super cold added with rain
i couldn't stand any longer outside

the snow was SO DIRTY :(

And then, we continue the trip again
but before, we stopped by to have our lunch

the place was really nice
and i really like the ambience here
i was having rice, tempura, udon soup and some side dishes
the dessert (the chocolate colour near the udon)  was really good
but i forget the name of it
basically it was crunchy outside but soft inside
i think they put redbean paste and mochi inside, SO GOOD!!!

After we got our tummy full, we then continue our trip again to Gotemba Premium Outlet

there is a lot of branded shops here selling cheaper products than usual
Its not because of the fake product
but usually the products sold here are mostly the one from the previous season or products that haven't sold for a long period of time in original store
The brands included balenciaga, ysl, celine, michael kors, bvlgari, jimmy choo, etc

when you are in Japan, don't forget to try their McDonalds
i recommend Shrimp Burger, it was really delicious
the guide asked me to try their fish burger, but in my opinion its not that good
the Shrimp Burger is far better, its a must food to try when you are in japan
i also tried the limited Sakura Fizz, since they will only sell it during sakura season
The taste was really good and refreshing as well

Then move to the next schedule
we were going to Hamamatsu using the fastest train called Shinkansen

i wonder when Jakarta train station would be like this in future


met this super cutie girl at the train

so that was it for day 04
see you again on day 05 :D

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