Sunday, 24 April 2016

Japan Trip day 03 (Tokyo Disneysea, Kawaguchi)

Hello again guys!
continuing the diary's trip
now we are moving to day 03

As usual, my schedule was 6,7,8 (wake up at six, bfast at 7, out of hotel at eight)

On this third day i was excited because we were going to Disneysea
As maybe some of u already knew, Tokyo Disneysea is the only Disneysea in the world (not to be mistaken with the disneyland)
Its within one group with the Disneyland but as the name said "Disneysea", so yes, it is built near the sea area in Tokyo

So if u're planning to go there in winter or spring,  just prepare to bring warmer clothes, bcs the wind is going to be colder in this area

is that my mickey over there? LOL

One of a must buy snacks, so refreshing and tasty :P

My tour guide has said that we have to prepare of the super long queue on the ride
so me and my friend has decided to go to the best rides first (as we had google it before for some reviews on the ride)

So we went to TOWER OF TERROR

in front of the TOWER OF TERROR

Unfortunately after this point, I was not allowed to use my camera anymore
Maybe the purpose is so that people have to go there to see it directly rather than from the video or photo

Actually this ride is similar to "Hysteria" if u want to compare it with Dufan in Indonesia
but, the plus point is, every rides in Disneysea got their own story
When u go to Dufan, what u get is just queueing and playing
But here while you are waiting in the line, you will be played a video about the story of each rides
But since we were in Tokyo, i didn't get what the video tell me anyway
Even they had a lot of foreign visitor, i don't know why they don't put subtitles :(
my Rate for this ride: 10 out of 10!

Musical Parade

the mochi was really good and cute at the same time
Smoked turkey legs: 700 yen each

Due to the low battery, i wasn't able to take more photos :(
gonna be a lesson for my next trip to bring extras batteries 

and anyway as my friend and one of my classmate had already told me before
'You better take time to enjoy the scenery rather than queueing for rides'
i was there from 9am to 3 pm, and i only managed to take 1 ride successfully LOL
However, the scenery was worth it to enjoy anyway :D
There were a lot places to take photo at

Finally the clock pointed at 3pm
time to go back to the reality hahaha
we then continued our schedule to go to Kawaguchi
the trip took around 2-3 hours to go there
and the hotel name was Breeze bay lake resort Kawaguchiko

As it has been scheduled,
at this hotel we were going to take a group photo while wearing Yukata
and then having dinner at Hotel
There was an public Onsen in this hotel too

wefie time!

do we look alike?

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