Monday, 18 April 2016

Japan Trip day 02 (Ueno, Asakusa, Ginza & Shibuya)

Its been a hectic week for me in the uni
After almost finishing all those assignments, 
here i am continuing my Japan trip's diary day 02

It was friday morning back then, April 1st 2016
In this weather, i don't need to turn on my air conditioner at all
Was woke up at 6, prepared myself and luggage till 7am, then our group had breakfast in the hotel
And exactly at 8 am we checked out from hotel!

Our first stop for today is Ueno Park, its a famous park in Tokyo filled with a lot of sakura trees
Just imagine, how its gonna be, a park full of blooming sakura omoooo!!!

On the way to ueno park

so in loveee
Fyi, this season in Japan is considered as high season as sakura trees only blooms around 2-3 weeks once a year, thats why when you plan to travel on end of march-middle of april, please do expect crowder place and some traffics.

first photo taken
a way full of sakura trees around

Took a pict with my bebe
Originally want to have sakura blossom one, but they said the it finished already :(

Sakura flavoured soft serve!

After spending 1 hour in Ueno Park, our group continue the trip
And now we are going to Asakusa Temple
Its one of the famous places in Tokyo
There are a lot of shops selling souvenirs and foods along the way to the temple
But since I join the group tour, so i have to corporate with the time schedule
I recommend if you are the one who likes shopping and try japanese street foods,
you guys should go to this place and at least spend 2-3 hours


Inside this temple you guys can also try your luck by getting "prophecy" randomly
i didn't go there, but just heard it from my friend who went there
Im preferred to just walking around and buy a lot of super cute souvenirs XD

bought a coin purse here, so useful since you will get a lot of change in coins

can be bought as an unique souvenirs

Finally it comes to Lunch time
it just took around five minutes from asakusa temple to our lunch place

there are a lot of these rickshaws along the way

sorry i don't know how to rotate this in here, lol


Made by the chef, super kawaii

After filled our tummy with a lot of foods
again we continue our trip to our third stop for today
can you guess where are we heading to???

tokyo tower


But due to exhaustion, i didn't take a lot of photo there
Just fyi, inside there are some shops as well selling souvenirs
and of course the famous snack which is Tokyo Banana is sold here
However they didn't sale the choice flavoured one
as the info i got from my local guide
the choco flavoured is only sold at Tokyo Skytree

Moving to our last but not least STOP

Ginza is known as super expensive area here in tokyo
the local guide said 1sqm of land in Ginza is sold for approx. 30 Millions yen (just times 117 for rupiah)

but again due to tiredness of me and my friend, we didn't have time to take photos in here
Photos below is just some photos taken at the corner near Ginza, not really in the main road one

The sunset is already set, time for us to go back to the Hotel
Tonight we're staying at Metropolitan Edmont
After dinner, me and my friend Yuliana
decided to go to Shibuya by ourself (finally!!!)
since today is our last day in Tokyo

by the guide from ci Eni (our local guide, she is half Indonesian, half Japanese)
we successfully take the train from Iidabashi to Shibuya
It costed us 170 yen per person per trip

that famous crossing road

unfortunately it was raining :( it makes the weather become SUPER COLD

Us with the famous Hachiko Statue
if any of you wondering what Hachiko Statue is
i will explain a bit
Its one of the "a must go" places if you are going to Tokyo
It based on true story of a very loyal dog which waiting for his man every evening in from of the train station
Until one day the man got heart attack at the office
so he is being rushed to the hospital then and unfortunately the man was died
However hachiko is still waiting and waiting
even the man's daughter try to bring Hachiko back home
the next day Hachiko will be found again waiting in front of the station
You guys should watch the movie, i was crying at the cinema when watching this heartbreaking story :(

So we finally come to the end of the day 02
Hope you guys enjoy it!
dont hesitate to put comment below if there is any question regarding the trip :)

Arigatou Gozaimasu

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