Monday, 22 July 2013

Bad day, Good Dessert!

Its a fine day in Singapore.
But it was a bad day for me :(
So, i decided to find a place with some desserts which i hope it could cheer me up a little.
Then i found this place called The Coffee Connoisseur, it is located in Bugis Junction, Singapore.
The place was really nice and pleasant, unfortunately i only could spend time there for a while.

Here is the dessert that i ordered
It is called 'perfect pairing'
The taste was like frozen cream cheese topped with fresh raspberries and crunchy coconut biscuit.
The sauce was lil bit sour yet fresh.

For the drink i chose simple lime juice.
The taste was just like an ordinary lime juice which was sour, sweet and refreshing.

Here the information about the cafe :
Name : The Coffee Connoisseur
Address : Bugis Junction, unit #01-92/96

Hope you like the post! ❤

Ciao, windaverfida

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