Monday, 8 July 2013

Diy Nail Art

Hi everyone!
I just went back to jakarta today, after spent 3 weeks in my hometown.

So then, what i want to share today is diy nail art.
Fyi, diy itself means 'do it yourself', so it is a nail art that was done by yourself.
I wont going to waste your time
So here is picture of my first diy nail art.

Back then, i was interested with nail art once i saw the nail of a sales girl in one nail polish shop.
It was so cute, she applied beads and ribbon on her nail.
After that, i ask her if i could do that by myself, and she let me know the list of things that i needed.
If you are interested, the shop is located at sunway pyramid mall (malaysia), in front of bbq plaza.
But please dont be panic, you can find these things in every nail art shop easily.

So here are the things that you needed if you want do it by yourself too (Without manicure treatment, im not that expert yet! Lol) :
Base & top coat, Nail Polish (choose your own color), Tip Guides, Nail Art Glue, Any beads, Beads Picker (it looks like a white pencil), Nail Stickers (optional)
Any color works! Pick yours :)

The tip guides

The tool and accessories

Lets get started!
First of all, always reminds that you have to use base coat whenever you are using nail polish, because base coat supposed to help the polish stay on longer by bonding and prevents nail polish from turning nails yellow. So dont forget this important step!
Right after it got dried, put some nail tip guides in order to divide which area that you want to color or not.
Then color it with your own nail polish.
Wait until it got dried again perfectly, because after this you need to get off the tip guides. If it still in wet condition, when you getting it off, im totally sure that the nail polish will spreading to another area of nails.

Next step is coating the nails with top coat.
Once it got dried, put some glue in the area you want to put on some beads. And just put the beads on it.
Believe it or not, you are done!!! Yeayyy
Its so easy, isnt it?

If you already bored with the design, you just need to play with your creativity, such as changing the colors, and put few or many beads as you wanted to.

Here is another picture of my diy nail art

Hope you enjoy my blog guys ❤
If you have any questions or comment just leave on the comment below.

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