Monday, 15 July 2013

Collete & Lola

It written "Cakes & Dreams"
And im sure it really was...
When i was first entered the shop, it was really like a cake shop that every girl has been dreaming of.
Anyway, it was a fine sunday, few months ago.
I got reviewed by my cousin, then i took my friends to go there

It was not so hard to find the place.
It is located at jl. Senopati Raya no.64

Here are some photos that i took there

They are selling some cute treats too!!!

One thing that im totally sure is every girl should loves this pleasant place.
They provide a cozy place with cakes, drinks, macarons and cupcakes.
And if u want to buy a whole cake, they also provided it.
The price range was standard, started from idr 10k for foods and beverages

Here is the photo of the seat, really cozy isnt it?

And the photo of the cakes that we ordered
From up to down, left to right :
Bikini, Call Me Panda, My Lady Grey, Salted Caramel and Spicy Beef Macarons, Bittersweet Love, Nutella Profiterole Cupcake, Miss Gingerbread.

And from my review, i think the macarons  are the best one, especially the salted caramel, it was crunchy outside and soft inside, the sweetness also perfect.
And for the cake, the most delicious one was the hazel nutcracker, as i tried so far

Hazel Nutcracker

It was soft outside, filled with yummy nutella, and there's like crunchy biscuit on the base of the cake. It was perfect.
But based on my experience, i will give u a tip which is dont buy a sweet and creamy drink when you order sweet cakes, because you will got it too sweet (double sweetness!!)

Interested to try?
Here are where you can find more information about this cake shop :
Name : Collete & Lola
Address : jl. Senopati Raya no.64
Website :

They also provide delivery service, just call here : (021) 29007997

Hope you like this post guys!!
Kindly leave a comment below :)

Ciao ❤, windaverfida

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