Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Poke Sushi at Crowne Plaza Hotel

Today was a long long day to me.
Started with a heavy traffic in Jakarta (as usual), it got worst by unstopped rain.
Then i have to spend around 90 minutes to wait for a taxi, which actually there were some taxi, but they refused to take me to south jakarta because of the f*ckin traffic.
I was going to give up when suddenly a silver bird taxi came to ex. I have no choice, so i got in there. With only 75k and some credit cards that i bought in my small bag, i was quite sure i will be able to pay it.
Thanks God, the meter showed 72k when i reached the crowne plaza hotel.

As soon as i got there, i went to poke sushi directly. My tummy just couldn't wait any longer. I was so happy that all of my works got paid by these super craving food!!!

This one is volcano roll, it was really delicious til i forget what is inside.

Another menu that i tried is salmon salad (if it isnt wrong, then its true :p)

Here is the picture

Both of them just made my day! 

Anyway, i chose the all u can eat menu, since my friend has anz credit card, which offered buy 1 get 1 for all u can eat menu every tuesday. So it was all worth it! I only paid 290k include cold ocha which is 280k for TWO PERSONS.
So it means one person need to pay 145k (already include ocha)
And i could eat everything i want, as long as it mentioned on the all u can eat menu (because there are some menus that will charge you some additional price)  and as much as i want!!! 

This buffet place is really recommended for all of you who love sushi and eat much!
If you are interested, just try Poke Sushi at Crowne Plaza Hotel
Here are the information about the place:

Address : Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto Kav. 2-3 Karet Semanggi Setiabudi Jakarta Selatan DKI Jakarta (besides plaza semanggi)

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